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She Quan (Snake Boxing)

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She Quan (Snake Boxing)
She Quan (Snake Boxing)

Snake Boxing is one kind of animal-imitation boxing. It is created following the snake’s behaviors. Hand gesture is mainly snake-like palm, there are threading, inserting, pressing, chopping, drilling, pressuring, wagging, choosing and many other palm routine as well as breaking, drilling, pressing, dashing, crossing, splitting, hooking and other boxing techniques, semi-horse step, kneeling step, T stance, independent step, bow step, and kylin step styles, etc. Action should alternate hardness with softness, open and close properly. Emphasize on soft force, and combine pliability with toughness. Upper limbs and flank should be soft and easy to control; pelvic limbs should be steady and flexible. Make sure that the stance is flexible and the stake is firm and steady. Actual combat requires the body vibrate and the stance change, cope with the situation flexibly.

Main routines of Snake Boxing are composed of many animal-imitation actions. These actions mainly imitate the circling, flexion and extension, swallowing and stretching of the snakes. The movements should be flexible, link the whole body tightly and move forward along the wave curve. Almost all the schools of martial arts contain Snake Boxing.

Source: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House



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