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Plum Flower Boxing

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Plum Flower Boxing
Plum Flower Boxing

The Plum Flower Boxing is one kind of the martial arts, and is also known as Plum Flower Quan. According to the documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties archived in National Palace Museum, during the period of the Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yang Bing (from County Hua, Henan province), the third best player of martial arts taught Qi Dazhuang, the man came from a village named Zhu Zhao in the same county the Plum Flower Boxing, Qi taught Tang Hengle, and then Tang taught Feng Keshan. Since then, the Plum Flower Boxing was gradually popular in the area of Henan, Shandong and Hebei provinces. The routines of Plum Flower Boxing contain: five powerful plum flower piles, five momentums, old frame and octagon steps, etc., device routines are plum flower knives, spears, swords, plum flower soaring, broadsword, double-headed spears, etc. “Five Potential Plum Flower Piles” refers to five basic types named cis-type, bend-type, small type, defeated style, flutter-type (also known as big-style), etc., usually used as the static nature of static stance exercises. The five potential types are the basic content of the series of Plum Flower Boxing. Boxing Book goes that “the changes of boxing style all begin with five potential types.”

At the beginning, learn the five potential static stances first so as to achieve the aim of “practicing the skin and bones outside and practicing the energy inside”. “Five momentums” is a powerful combination of the above-mentioned five steps with the other offensive and defensive routines, their movement routes are halved from the left to the right, and there are also criss-crossing, compact structures, intensive boxing and varied foot techniques. “Octagon Step” is a practice technique combined with hand techniques, body techniques and leg techniques. The main techniques of the Plum Flower Boxing are: dashing, cracking, pushing, beating, splitting, smashing, stamping, buckling, lifting, blocking, stroking, leading, hooking, hugging, holding, etc. step methods contain: forwarding (tie), withdrawal (evacuating), putting down, channeling, jumping, vertical, rising, winding, sliding, etc., leg techniques are: kicking, trampling, tangling, intercepting, catapulting, pointing, stamping, treading, hooking, sweeping and so on. The manifestations of Plum Flower Boxing lie in its absorption and soften, as well as shoulder lying, back extrusion, head collusion, hips fighting, etc.

Source: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House


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