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Zhan Ma Dao

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Zhan Ma Dao
Zhan Ma Dao

The zhanmadao (斩马刀; Pinyin: zhǎn mǎ dāo; lit. chopping horse saber) was a single-bladed Chinese sword of the Song Dynasty.

The zhanmadao is a sabre with a single long broad blade, and a long handle suitable for two-handed use.

Dating to 1072, it was used as an anti-cavalry weapon. This is mentioned in the "Wu Jing Zong Yao Song Military Manual" from 1072 (see external article).

Surviving examples include a sword that might resemble a nagamaki in construction; it had a wrapped handle 37 centimetres long making it easy to grip with two hands. The blade was 114 centimetres long and very straight with a slight curve in the last half.


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